Saturday, March 10, 2012

Eight Weeks to Season's Start

And here it is, the announcement of what has come to be an annual event for me-- the Michelle LaBarre Clinic at Fingerlakes Morgans.  Two days of butt-busting serious equestrian education... butt-busting not only for the 45-minutes in the saddle each day, being pushed to my limits (for I've not yet met the limits of one of my Morgan steeds at this clinic; my own are met soooo much more quickly than theirs), but also for the hours of spectating on bleachers meant for butts much younger than mine.  I should get up, walk away, and go do something else before and after riding, but Michelle provides such interesting instruction, tailored specifically to each riding pair, that it's impossible (and ridiculously wasteful) to leave the room.

Michelle teaching me on Celby at the 2011 Clinic
Riders and horses of all levels of experience and training offer the opportunity to listen in on work years above my level, or to get good, solid reminders about some of the basics for both horse and rider.  In years past, I've ridden different schoolmasters; this year, it's Sherm's turn.  So it'll be green-green-green.  But I'm from an Indycar background, and that green-green-green is a good thing, a positive thing, an all-clear signal, let's go, let's get back to the action.

So, we've got eight weeks, Sherm.  Let's go!

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