Sunday, March 4, 2012

Right on Cue

...and I had no sooner finished the very first post on The Bay Boy Wonder's new blog when Sherman goes zooming by the window, playing with his friend, Moon, in the wind-driven snow.  I thought to myself, hey, snow... horses...that'll make a nice picture, and grabbed the camera.

Sherman, however, seemed to be saying, Snow?!  Come on, this is my blog-- let's give the people what they came for!  and gave us the following sample of his fancy footwork:

Sherm showing his balance and grace...

Perhaps it is just my imagination, but I do believe the Boy has inherited my sense of theatrical timing.  The dance moves he got from his dam.


  1. Wow! Great photo! Handsome boy!

  2. Thanks! I'm stunned to have gotten the photo; let's hope he doesn't think this is a cool move to pull under saddle...