Monday, March 19, 2012

Sherman C.S.I.

Very nice lunge and long-lining session with Sherman today.  (The boy does like to be in front; driving is going to be a blast with him!)

He did find this, however, buried in the arena sand:
Right hind foot and tail of some large rodent

It was pretty creepy, and it didn't want to come out.  Originally, I thought it was a full carcass, some burrowing animal that had burrowed in the not-frozen arena sometime recently and died there.  

After our work was done, I went back with a shovel and discovered it was only the back half of a carcass. (Muskrat? Possum?  Without a head and discolored from the stone dust, it was hard to identify...note: further research reveals it to have been, almost certainly, a muskrat.)  So I suspect Mr. or Ms. Rodent of Uncomfortable Size was deposited in our arena for safe-keeping by some clever canid (Coyote?  Fox?  Wild dog?) sometime fairly recently.  Sorry, Fido, your snack has been relocated.

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