Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sherman in Love

Well it has finally happened... the Bay Boy Wonder has developed an interest in girls.

Gelded a full month before his first birthday because he could not handle testosterone, Sherman has never really shown much interest in the ladies on the farm, try as they might to attract his attention.  He has always been up for a game of bite-face, or a good race around the pasture, but once the girls stopped running, or made it clear that their faces were not what they wanted him playing with, well, he rather lost interest and wandered off.

Now, though, a certain 4 year old Standardbred filly has his full attention.  She came off the track to board with us last summer, and has been struggling to re-establish a regular, normal heat cycle after the two years on hormone therapy her racing lifestyle had required.  She is often cycling, and cycling hard, so she seeks attention nearly all the time.

At the same time, she is experiencing her first spring on green grass, and a daytime routine where she is left to her own devices, and not on a trainer's schedule.  The combination of spring weather, green grass, and the filly-sillies has her running and bucking, jumping and frisking in a completely Sherman-luring fashion.

So they began about two weeks ago, running up and down the fenceline between their pastures, Sherm delighted to have someone closer to his own age and fitness level to play with, much closer than the two 28 year old grouchy geldings with whom he pastures.  Running led to stopping and nuzzling (well, with Sherm it's still a bit more a game of grab yer halter!, but even he has slowed down and started nibbling nicely) and just kind of hanging out, grazing near one another.

Tonight it was clear that the Boy is smitten.  When I went to the gate and called for Celby, who gave a buck and a kick and came a-runnin' at turn-in time, Sherman waited at the fence, at the far end of the pasture, with his girl for a long, long time before giving her an apologetic glance and then barreling up the pasture to the gate.  He was so far behind, he didn't (for once) catch up to (and pass) aged Celby, who thought he was pretty hot stuff, leading the herd in for the evening.

So the Bay Boy Wonder has a girlfriend.  The baby is growing up...
Big Bay Boy Wonder only hangs out with me when I have carrots...

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