Sunday, March 4, 2012

Welcome to the Bay Boy Wonder

Spring riding is just around the corner, lurking there under the changeable skies and muddy footing.  Knowing that this is it, the first full season with Sherm the Germ started and working, I decided that it was time to give him his own dedicated blogspace.

And doesn't he deserve it?  He has known from the minute his feet hit the turf that he was destined for stardom, for his own fanbase, for a following.  His approach to life from day one has been HELLO!  I am SHERMAN!  You will want to KNOW ME!  Let's have FUN!

So, here it is, a place to share his triumphs and my own attempts to keep up with him.  His friends and family, his home and homelife will all continue to be chronicled, but he will really be the main attraction.  So here we go; let's have fun!

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