Thursday, April 12, 2012

Go Fly a Kite!

We have been complaining for over a week now about the ridiculously windy weather.  While March felt a lot like June, it seems April wants to be a lot like March.  Steady winds, gusty winds, tree-breaking scary winds-- we've had it all.  Today is another day too windy to enjoy outdoors, so I've been driven inside to do some spring cleaning.  While rooting through the tote full of "vacation camping supplies" (which I may never use again) I came across our beach kite.  Well... wind... boredom... and viola!  I literally went out and flew a kite!

And what, you ask, did the Bay Boy Wonder think of this?

He thought it was cool.

He thought it was colorful.

He thought it made an interesting crinkly sound.

And after about ten minutes of humoring me, he thought it was time to light out for the territories.

All in all, a fun diversion on another windy day...

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