Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

For the third day in a row, it is spectacularly beautiful out there-- bright blue skies and plenty of sunshine-- but wickedly cold.  The wind is coming straight out of the north at a steady 10mph, with occasional bursts of 15+mph.  It's cold: bone-chilling, hand-chapping cold out there.

So I'm not on a horse today...or yesterday...or the day before.  I've played with some, and spent a good bit of time grooming Sherman (twice) yesterday.  But I'm doing so in the barn, out of the wind, and (if I'm lucky), in a spot where the sun is shining through.  I took some video today, and you can hear the wind in the microphone when I turn towards the north:

(I used youtube's "image stabilization" editing feature to eliminate a bit of the camera-shake caused by the wind.  I see now that it does unnatural things to horses' legs.  Sherm is handy, but he's not quite this physics-defying!)

The best place to be today was here, on the leeward side of the barn, lying low in the sun-warmed grass while I filled the pasture #1 water trough:

I sat here quite happily watching the horses nap and/or graze for about 15 minutes.  I can't express how tremendously satisfied I feel when a horse comes over to get a drink from the freshly-filled trough.

Sparky goes for the fresh water.

And even happier when she stays to visit...

Sparky visits.

Maybe tomorrow it will be a bit less windy, and I'll get out there and enjoy a different aspect of these amazing creatures.

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