Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another Bay Boy...

Another Bay Boy has shown up at the farm suddenly this week, and his presence is stirring in me some  unexpected feelings... we're boarding a 2-year-old Standardbred from the local trotter track for 3-4 months while he rehabs some popped splints.  He's adorable and as tall as Sherm the Germ is now, but still has that skinny 2-year-old frame.  Reminds me something fierce of the Germ as a youngster, all cute and naive, but much more manageable-- mature for his age due to his early and frequent handling during his short (thus far) life as a professional racing prospect.
Not the most flattering picture of the new cutie...

I worried about him quite a bit as he was getting settled in yesterday, but find that by this morning, he's calm, quiet, and confident in his new surroundings, taking it all in stride, and most certainly enjoying the wide-open spaces and free time he suddenly has.  Sent here for the healing powers of Dr. Green, this guy is wandering around a bit in amazement at the pastoral surroundings.

I dreamed about him last night, or rather about a horse that was half him, half Sherman.  In the dream, the horse in question had jumped through our living room window (which, in standard dream surrealism, was open like the space above a stall door) and was hanging out in the house looking for company.  I asked my husband if he could just stay inside with us for the night, since he'd already made his way in and was clearly just wanting to hang out with us.  Even in the dream, I got an utterly not-surreal look back from the long-suffering husband.

Cutie set up with a hand-me-down flysheet and fresh salt block

Cutie wasn't even here four hours and I began to fall a little bit in love with him.  I know part of it is his resemblance to the one and only Bay Boy Wonder, and part of it is his age-- I do find myself feeling a strong pull toward the babies.  Part of it is, of course, that he's recovering from some hard training, which triggers the Florence Nightingale in me.  But honestly, a good part of it is just him-- he's cute, mellow, and quite personable.  Who wouldn't love him?
Original BBW on left, new cutie on right.

All of this attraction to the new guy made me feel a little guilty, like I imagine a cheating wife might feel, when I returned to the barn to get Sherm out for our morning workout.  I wondered if he'd know I was harboring feelings for this new bay boy.  Whether he knew or not, I couldn't tell.  All I knew was that he was a fun, fun ride this morning, full of energy, humor, and an ever-increasing strength to remain balanced when I am not (or when I am, but he is not).  His muscle mass and physical maturity in relation to the new cutie reminded me just how far we've come, and clarified for me that I wouldn't change a thing!  He's Wonder-ful.

There is only one Bay Boy Wonder.  Don't settle for imitations.

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