Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sporting a New Do

Been getting in pretty regular work with Sherm these past few weeks, all despite the relentless heat of this summer of 2012. I am probably struggling a lot more with keeping cool than BBW, but even with the shorty, faux-pulled mane he sports, he has been wickedly sweaty underneath it.

Besides, he looks like a muppet when he's working. I suffer from "maternity-size top" fashion don't in this photo, but Sherm's hairdo is a little Jim Henson here:

So, he got the roach.

He's handsome still, but now that I've finally done it...after thinking about it for three years...I don't think I like it.  He's a hair-bear, and despite all the hot, the tangling, the resistance to pulling, I think I'll let it grow back out.

Maybe by the time it's long and flowing again, my seat will have improved...

1 comment:

  1. He looked totally sporty with his short mane! You should let it grow back out to that length again.