Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where the Summer Went

Yes, this is going to be one of those "ohmygosh, where has the time gone?" posts about all the other things in life that got in the way of blogging these past few months.  Not the world's most interesting theme, but the individual events that made up this lost summer may make for some interesting posts.  I think there will be pictures, at least...

So, where did the summer go?  In addition to the relentless heat (the hottest July on record) which filled the days with many choruses of hmmm, maybe we'll do that when it's cooler, here's the short list of where the summer went, with descriptive posts to follow:

Through it all, Sherm has been a prince and a delight, but, wow... it was another blur of a summer.  Suddenly classes are starting in a week, the nights are cooler and coming earlier, and I'm looking back wondering how we got here. 

Farewell summer!
I know, we do this every year.  So let's call it an annual ritual.

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