Thursday, September 20, 2012

And then the other side...

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Yes. No. Push. Pull. Michelle Obama. Nancy Reagan.  For everything, there is a balancing opposite force.

Monday was a wonderful day with Sherman, a two-workout day, a balanced, whole, happy, giving, thinking-horse day.

And Wednesday was not.

He was wild, wooly, bratty, uncontrollable, unhappy, snotty, and brainless yesterday.  Feisty coming in from pasture, antsy (with a side of dramatic) in the crossties, and a complete wild thing on the lunge.  I had my boots and hat on, but it was pretty quickly clear that I wasn't getting on that wild child yesterday.

Was it the weather?  There was a front moving through, and it was cool, brisk, dry, and breezy.  And, of course, it had rained for 12 straight hours the day before, so perhaps he was just getting out the ya-yas dampened in Tuesday's rains.

Was it payback for the two-a-day session on Monday?  Was he making it clear that he isn't that sort of workhorse, and just cannot be put to work in such a pedestrian fashion?

Was it just fall hormones?  Though a gelding, he is constantly wooed by the heaty mares in the adjacent pasture and goaded into being a tough guy by the studdy gelding with whom he shares a pasture.  Was he playing jr. stallion wannabe?

Was it just irritation at being pulled from pasture, where everyone else was eating happily in the sun the day after a miserable day in the rain?

Maybe it was any, none, or a combination of these.

Last night, however, I had a frightening realization... Sherman has always, always been a complete, bratty shitbag when he's about to go through a growth spurt.  He couldn't be doing that, could he?

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On Monday, I noticed his saddle fit nicely again; I noticed an actual "saddle spot" behind his shoulders, and just the faintest outline of a wither, about the most sign of a wither anyone in his family gets...

Did he not lose weight these last six weeks, but rather heighten into it?  Oh jeez....

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