Friday, October 26, 2012

Bye-Bye Bay Babies!

Just a quick look back at the wonderful Bay Babies who stayed with us this summer.  The last two loaded up today to make their way back to their home farms.  My heart breaks, and my eyes weep, at saying goodbye, but looking back at their photos from the summer, I realize just what a treat it was to have them with us.  I'll miss them for sure, but I can look back and be happy, too.

Chazzy (Chaz-Man, Chazzykins) was the first to come stay with us, arriving in mid-June.  Immediately, he reminded me so much of my own Bay Boy Wonder that I fell in love.  He grew like mad this summer, gaining at least a hand in height, and growing into his shoulders.  By the end of summer, his baby orange at the tips of his black mane looked like so much bleach-blonde surfer hair.  I was torn at having to be at work the day he left.  I wanted to be with him to say farewell, but I didn't want to be bawling my eyes out in front of the commercial shipper.


Our second short-timer, Temper came for two weeks in June, buddying up with Chaz right away.  She came back again at the end of September, and stayed until today.  She's a fast, feisty, ferocious little thing, all petite and adorable, but what a motor underneath!  And the softest coat I've ever felt.  We'll see her again, I'm pretty sure, and I look forward to it!

 Oh, this is the hardest one, Mae (Mae-Mae, Miss Mae).  The kindest little filly, so wise and soft in her eye, an absolute gem of a horse.  Joining us in July, she crawled right in and stole my heart, along with Chazzy's.  He and she spent most of the summer together, a friendship I adored observing.  I found that letting go of her today was harder than I'd ever imagined it would be.  I bawled all over the barn girl who came with the owner to pick her up. I don't know if it was just her amazing personality, her sweet eye, or the fact that she suffered an injury while here, but, wow.  My heart hurts to bid her adieu. 

Mae (l) and Chaz (r), inseparable for most of the summer.
When she first arrived, Mae stood half a hand taller than Chaz.  By last week, he was at least a hand taller than she.  Something about the good grass and turnout here let that boy sprout!

Last, but not least, Alvin, who stayed with us for just a month from mid-September to mid-October.  Alvin, his barn name I'm certain influenced as much by the irascible chipmunk as by the Al portion of his registered name, was introduced to us as "a pisser," and that he was.  What a spunky, happy-go-lucky, friendly, smart little horse.  With unequaled joie de vivre, this youngster was a hoot just to watch.    The fact that he buddied up almost immediately with grumpy Uncle Celby just made me so happy for both of them.  I hope to see him again next summer as well!

So that's a look back at the bays who stayed!
What a privilege to be their caretaker.

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