Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Icky Tacky

I picked up the tack this morning and it felt gummy.  Ick.  Definitely time to clean it.  Been saying that for weeks, but today's humidity loosened all the sweat and dirt in the leather just enough to make it sticky.  And icky.

I will confess; I hate cleaning tack.  I know people who say they enjoy it, but I think those are the same people who eat unreasonably hot peppers in front of a crowd just to get attention.  I don't really think anyone likes cleaning tack.  I think we all like clean tack, but that's the adjective.  Verbing it just ain't no fun.

But I did it, sitting there on my kitchen floor.  And now I have that clean tack.  So I'll like that tomorrow.  And perhaps Sherman will appreciate my efforts and give me clean, forward, balanced  movement as a thank you.

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