Sunday, January 27, 2013

Road Box

Just in time for next week's trip north for his Schleese saddle fitting, Sherm is getting himself a road box-- a truck-bed tack box! Sherm's ride is a 2-horse Brenderup Prestige, and the little Sherm Shuttle has no tack room, nor any real good way of storing tack & sundries for travel. Pulled by an open-bed, regular cab Toyota Tundra, the B'upster is a dream to haul, but leaves much to be desired in terms of luggage compartment.

Enter super hubby, and his recent acquisition of a 4.5' by 2' shipping crate. That sucker fits right across the bed of the Tundra, either in front of the wheel wells, behind the cab, or behind the wells, just fore of the tailgate. All she needs is a latching, locking lid and some waterproofing, and we've got ourselves a road box for buckets, bridles, blankets, and beauty supplies!

Sherm supervises.
Super hubby set to work yesterday to make the marvel. With the last sheet of four 4x8' panels of 3/4" plywood he hauled home from a friend's kitchen remodel in the fall (an acquisition I conceded was practical, but a PITA to unload in the cramped, dark front wood shop room of the barn-- sorry honey, I take back every last grumble!), he made a lid yesterday. Using three hinges and one hasp he salvaged from his dad's workshop last weekend, he set about attaching and latching said lid. We did have to invest $30 in screws and additional hasps for the long lid, but $30 is quite a bargain for such a handy gear box! We'll likely varnish it rather than paint it because I am rather a fan of the industrial shipping stenciling on the outside, and that marine-grade varnish will cost us another $15-20, but still, a great price for a great little travel trunk!

Sherm and Lex watch carefully.

Sherm and Lex get bored.

That's for me!  Fill it with goodies!

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