Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Sherm and I are getting quite a lot of field and forest work in this week.  Mixing up open flat work in the fields with some small up and down hills work here and there, the BBW is becoming quite proficient at the hacking.  He attacks weird-looking objects (scary stumps, dark, open doors on the hunters' cabins, flapping surveyor's tape, etc.) with great gusto, demonstrating not one ounce of the fear of cougars from which his Uncle Celby suffers.  Large animals rustling in the underbrush will prompt the occasional big, whooping spook, but it's just a scoop and stop, followed by a turnaround to see what was that!?

Soon enough, we're going to have to get seriously back to our dressage figures, but for now we are having a blast out and about.

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