Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Full Circle

Bit of a sad week here, as we said goodbye to Sherman's half-sister, Sparkle.  A lovely mare with the sweetest, kindest disposition, Sparkle was 20 this spring.  She colicked after battling PHF; still unclear whether the colic was related to the PHF and/or resulting treatment or if it was a separate issue altogether, one she was likely to face anyway.  Regardless of cause, Sparkle's loss will be felt deeply.

Sparkle 1993-2013

In addition to the many photos of Sparky, I found while looking for some to update the farm website, I found several of the BBW himself as a youngster, including this one, which always cracked me up-- hood ornament, anyone?

And this one, where he shows that once he was a lean, narrow-chested, trout-shaped little thing:

At the same time that we've lost one of our old friends, we're boarding a mare and her 3-month old colt, a leggy bay with a tiny star.  With him residing in the same foaling stall and pasture space as Sherman at that age, it's feeling a little deja-vu-ish around here this month.  Little bay colt boy has absolutely the big nose and ears of his standardbred lineage, so the resemblance isn't exact, but rather shadowy and ghost-like in the memories he stirs up.  Then on the night we lost Sparkle, little bay colt came to the fence in the rain, and did exactly this same thing in the same spot:
Sherman, age 3 months
It was spooky and joyful all at once.

And it was a reminder that life in horses just keeps going on... you lose an old, dear friend, and there's a young, new friend there to ease the heartache.  Horses keep going, and they help me keep going, even when it hurts a lot.  Even Sparkle's very best lifelong friend, a mare who was foaled within days of Sparky, and who has lived almost all of her adult life with Spark, only called for her friend for a day, and lightly at that.  She has gone on, and she sets the example for all the rest of us.

Foxwin Impreza (Sparkle) and Foxwin Estarzie (Twinkle)
Godspeed, good mare.  We love and miss you.

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