Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Long Overdue Catch-Up on the Equinox

July...August...and now almost all of September have gone by without a post about his royal Bay Boy Wonderness.  Summer seems to be like that around here, busy and overwhelming, and the documentation of BBW's world falls by the wayside.  Today is the Equinox, officially marking the end of what was, really, not the greatest summer for us.

One of the better moments in a challenging summer...

We lost one horse to PHF, and had another sick with it, though she recovered.  A boarder's foal struggled to thrive through most of June and July, and intensive testing failed to reveal any diagnosis, causing me great personal anxiety and countless days lost to waiting for the vet.  In early August, the foal just suddenly turned things around on his own and began to put on weight, grow, and have the energy and spirit we had expected from him all along.  The weather all summer vacillated between frighteningly hot and excessively wet, delaying haying for six weeks, a month and a half when we worried and fretted and watched the skies with anxious resignation to the possibility that we'd be buying all our hay this year... if our suppliers could even get their hay in.

Sherm pestering Celby

The BBW himself struggled through the summer as we tried to find the right shoeing package for him.  From the last week of June to the last week of August, he was mostly out of commission due to flawed shoeing.  We finally found the right setup in the final week of August, just in time for me to go back to school for the fall semester, where I unexpectedly find myself teaching full-time for the first time in forever.  Just as Sherm gets the right package of sneakers on, I am suddenly swamped with schoolwork, and am not finding the time to get him the work we have so long been waiting to get to!  But we're working it out and getting in some lovely early-morning rides.

Fantastic sunrise riding in the fog

Though the summer was not one that will go down in my records as a favorite, one fantastic opportunity did present itself.  When my longtime amazing vet joined a new practice, she offered me the chance to work for her as her assistant one or two days a week.  This offer was unexpected, and emerged out of a casual conversation during a consultation about Sherman's shoeing-- I said, "Oh, wow, will you get to hire an assistant?  I would love that job!" and she said, "Hey, sounds great!"-- and away we went!

Note: if you want a job that you don't know exists and aren't sure you're qualified to take, ask anyway!

I am humbled and awestruck at the honor and privilege of assisting this remarkable vet as she provides quality care for her clients.  Just being in the presence of such intelligent compassion is pretty miraculous.  Being allowed to help out in whatever ways I can... what a gift.

So I find myself awash in the daily phenomenon of life with horses, and that's a great good thing.  It doesn't allow a lot of time for blogging about it, but I'll try...

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