Friday, November 15, 2013

Not a Lymey Fish

On a little bit more than what I'd call "a whim," I had a Lyme titre pulled on Sherm this week.  I haven't seen significant signs that would suggest to me that he has it, but he has certainly had opportunity to be exposed-- I've pulled about a dozen ticks out of him this year, and have no idea how many last year, so it's possible he could have contracted it.

I was chatting with the vet last week when we were out on calls together, and she's just gone through the first week of treatment of her big, fancy warmblood after his Lyme titre came back higher than she'd ever seen one.  She said that she'd exhausted all the other items on her list and surprised herself to find such a high number in his results.  Though she'd been skeptical of the Lyme diagnosis, after 4 days of treatment, he appeared free of the nagging imbalance and stiffness she has been trying to suss out for six weeks.  He was like butter, all of a sudden.  So she confesses she's drinking the Lyme Kool-aid this week.

She has mentioned testing the BBW in the past due to his hyperesthesia.  He's looky, but not spooky.  Excitable, but brave.  Fancy, but twitchy.  Grooming him is an exercise in herding cats-- he wiggles around so much you would think the tools are electrified. In summer, I can only use a dandy brush on his thin coat.  He is so sensitive that even in deepest winter with 2" wooly-bully haircoat, I can only use a soft brush on him.  He cannot tolerate currying, and god forbid you think of pulling his mane or working a snarl out of it. (He so hates snarls and distracting irritation that he has come to relish the days I scissor off his mane and his forelock above the eyes.)

He loves his Moe haircut.

All of this don't touch me behavior from a horse who would hang out in the livingroom with you if he could, one who loves to have his ears rubbed, his nose tapped on-- he definitely likes loving and being in your space, but virtually comes out of his skin if you stimulate it. At all.

So maybe that's Lyme-related?

Hours after that conversation, my good friend Amy reports on her blog that she's just gotten a positive Lyme titre back on her big paint pony. So, okay, I guess I'll have the blood drawn and find out for sure.

Vet calls it "vampiring your horse," so I'm sure she's not offended.

Well, the test result came back today, and the Boy is negative across the board.  So, no Lymey fish here.  Doesn't surprise me.  This is the horse who loves to wear hats, but not to be groomed.  Everyone deserves his own idiosyncrasies...

I'm not Lymey, now give me that carrot!

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