Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Moving On...to Mulligan Springs Farm!

So after nearly nine years here on this farm, first as a boarder, then as a boarder/de facto barn manager, and, for the last five and a half years, as an owner, I'm moving on.  Hubby and I are taking a Mulligan on farm ownership.  The story behind why is as complicated and tangled as the story that led me here, and led me to the Bay Boy Wonder himself. And really, it's not worth going into.  Someday maybe, but not now.

For now, let's focus on what's next...

First, buying the next farm!  Hubby and I have found a wonderful 1950's-era farmhouse on 10 acres adjacent to state forest land only 6 miles from where hubby works and where my parents live-- convenience galore!  New farm is heavily-wooded, quite a change from the flat, open savanna we have camped on these past five years.  Open pasture acreage is perfectly adequate, and the option of Sherm shelter in the deep pines is very exciting, as is the crisscross network of farm roads, logging roads, and hunting trails throughout the property and the adjoining forest.  The farm is, like many in this area, a sub-divided segment of what was once, likely, a major landhold, and this section of property has not seen horses in residence in nearly 30 years.  First job? Fencing, which starts tomorrow.

A fence in the making...

Horse residence promises to be another interesting element of the new farm, as there exists, presently, no barn.  There is, however, a terrific tractor shed attached to the oversized garage, just perfect for renovation into stalls.  After the fencing is done, we will jump into renovation of this shed into stalls, a multi-phase job which will include lining the stud walls with oak boards, leveling the floor with a layer of pea gravel, installing stall mats, stall dividers, and end door/gates, and wiring for lighting and outlets.  A lot of items on the list, but all manageable (we believe) within the five weeks we have to vacate current home and move the whole show 20 miles west.  The best part of this simple stable?  By virtue of the breezeway that links the house to the garage, I'll be able to tend to the horses without having to trek outside in the rain and snow-- house to breezeway to garage to stable.  I'll be loving this in February.

A lot of that will be pasture soon...

Another thing I'll be loving in February?  The hot tub in the master bedroom.  Yeah.  Really. I went looking for a suitable new home for horses, and found some pretty nice amenities for humans in the bargain.

Stay tuned for the inevitable construction and moving updates as they become available.  For now, here's a photo of the handsome dude after our ride this morning.

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